Blue Sapphire – The September Birthstone

Blue sapphire is one of nine gemstones or 'Noppakao' in Thai. It has been considered an amulet since ancient times. As a result, it was used to decorate royal robes to demonstrate aristocratic status and it is believed to be capable of preventing danger and assuring long life. It is also a symbol of sincerity and stability. Blue sapphires are therefore often used to decorate jewelry to represent steadfast love that couples like to give as gifts to each other on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Blue sapphire is also the birthstone of September.

Many people believe that wearing blue sapphire jewelry makes them appear aged or out of date. But actually it's not at all! If the blue sapphire is set in a nice setting with a chic design, then it will be able to enhance your cuteness as well.

If you were born in September or looking for a gift for your loved one who was born in this month. Gemondo would love to present minimalist style blue sapphire jewelries that's elegant and adorable. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, ranging from casual to formal. 

Gemondo Modern Pearl Blue Sapphire

Let's start with the Modern Pearl collection. 22K gold plated 925 sterling silver jewelry. Decorated with blue sapphires in a minimalist style. Suitable for fashionable girls who enjoy mixing and matching their outfits with a jewelry. This collection perfectly fits in with any lifestyle.

Gemondo Blue Sapphire Initial letter

If the previous collection wasn't minimal enough! The Initial Letter Collection is your answer. Lovely 9K gold initial letter pendants decorated with blue sapphires. As classy and elegant as fine jewelry. This collection will complete your look, whether on your ordinary day or your working day.

Gemondo Blue Sapphire Classic Jewelry

For anyone who loves matching jewelry, Gemondo would love to present the outstanding 9k white gold pendant matched with 2 stackable 925 sterling silver rings, each decorated with gorgeous blue sapphires. 

How are the minimalist blue sapphire jewelries that we are presenting today? They are not only unique, but also fashionable. We hope that you will open your mind more for blue sapphire jewelry!

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