Jewelry Mix & Match for New Year Party Looks!

It's almost party time! Everyone is looking forward to celebrate with your family, your friends or your loved one. Makeup, outfit, accessories, or jewelry are required to make you shine, stand out, and express your individuality.

Gemondo would like to presents jewelry mix and match ideas that make you stand out and look the most attractive at Christmas and New Year parties.


Let's start with The Creator collection. 925 sterling silver jewelries plated with 18K gold creates a lively feeling with colorful gemstones, combined with the natural beauty that has been brought in.


If you are looking for modern design jewelry that is simple and elegant, Gemondo proudly presents our bestseller, the Zodiac collection. A 9K gold pendant decorated with colorful birthstones mixes with the 925 sterling silver pendant from the Siberian Waltz collection. Embellished with amazonite that can be matched in many styles.

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