Men’s Ring … The answer of stylish men

When we talk about gemstone and jewelry, Most of us tend to think they are only for women. But in this era, Guys enjoy fashion as well.  That is why men's jewelries are becoming more and more popular.

Gemondo would love to present the Men's Ring collection, a distinctively stylish men's ring with a design that meets what men need. From basic designs that are suitable for daily wear to dignified designs that will enhance your personality on your special occasions. 

253R6875-02-925-Yellow-Gold-Plated-Sterling-Silver-Octagon-Black-Onyx-Signet-Ring P1

Let's start with the first piece, the black onyx ring that stands out with an octagon black onyx design on 925 Sterling Silver, plated with 18K yellow gold. This design is suitable for stylish men and can be worn on any occasion. 

253R6874-04-925-Yellow-Gold-Plated-Sterling-Silver-Square-White-Agate-Signet-Ring P1

The second ring is perfect for men who love simplicity. We would like to present the 925 yellow gold plated sterling silver signet ring. Eye-catching with square white agate that makes this ring look modern and suitable for daily wear.

253R6876-02-925-Yellow-Gold-Plated-Sterling-Silver-Citrine-Vintage-style-Signet-Ring P1

If you're looking for a ring that would enhance your personality, look classy and add a touch of your maturity. The classic men's watch-style design ring with an octagon-cut citrine would be your answer! It is eye-catching, elegant and formal.


The last piece, the unique design men's ring on 18K gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, decorated with an oval shaped Black Onyx. Suitable for dignified men to wear on special occasions.

Accessories like earrings, necklaces, or rings for men can also build your charm and attractiveness. Just one classic design ring can enhance your personality to stand out every day.

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