Gemondo gemstone jewelry in gold
In the world of gemstones, In the enchanting world of gemstones, each month is graced with a specific birthstone, believed to bring good luck, protection and unique qualities to those born during that month. For the month of August, the birthstone is Peridot.
Peridot comes from the Latin word for "olive green" perfectly capturing its mesmerizing hue. With a history spanning thousands of years, evidence of Peridot mining dates back to more than 1500 BC, with ancient Egyptians documenting the extraction of this captivating gem on papyrus. Revered as the "Gem of the Sun," the ancient Egyptians believed Peridot held the power to safeguard its wearer, particularly during the night, shielding them from various perils and even offering protection against black magic and nightmares. Beyond its protective qualities, Peridot was also associated with wisdom, signifying its spiritual significance. Peridot has been attributed with healing properties. It also contributes to mental balance, bringing happiness to the owner as well.
GEMONDO proudly presents an exquisite collection of Peridot jewelry, perfect for self-adornment or as a cherished gift for a loved one born in August. Our curated selection features a diverse range of designs, from timeless classics to contemporary minimal styles, all crafted in real gold and sterling silver. Discover the unique allure of Gemondo's Peridot jewelry by following this link.

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