The mysterious of protective gemstone

When it comes to the festival of Halloween, it is considered an important day in Catholicism. which falls on October 31 of every year It has long been believed that Halloween will be the day when the dimensions of the dead and the living are linked together. The spirits of the deceased will seek out the bodies of the living for their possession to bring them back to life.
Just the first paragraph, it may make you get goosebumps. But don't be scared! This is not the Ghost blog anyway.
However, do you all know that? All over the world has beliefs about gemstones that will protect you when ghost hunting! Gemondo will tell you the story today.
Silver gold plated with Black Onyx Ring
Let's start with our country 'Thailand'. Thai people believe that black onyx can protect you from evil spirits or black magic, and it can save you from evil eyes. Moreover, onyx is believed to be a gemstone of fortune, power, and enhances the prestige of the wearer.
Silver gold plated with carnelian Jewelry

The Egyptians had similar beliefs over 30,000 years ago. They called carnelian as the "Blood of Isis", the goddess of fertility who leads the soul to heaven. The ancient Egyptians always wore carnelian to protect them from bad spirits and evils since they were alive until dead and when they passed away, this jewelry would be buried with the owner's body. Therefore, archaeologists have discovered many carnelian jewelry in the ancient graveyard.

Sterling Silver Gold Plated with peridot Jewelry

Peridot, an olive green gemstone. It was popular in Egypt as well. It was one of Queen Cleopatra's amulets to drive away evil spirits. It is believed that setting peridot in gold jewelry would increase the gemstone's power even further. 

Sterling Silver Gold Plated with lapis lazuli Ring

The Egyptians considered lapis lazuli to be a valuable gemstone that reflected the wearer's status. Only nobles such as pharaohs or judges will be in possession of lapis lazuli. They believed that this blue stone was a talisman that would bring them closer to the gods and protect them from harm. There is also a strange belief that if you mix crushed lapis Lazuli with gold powder and put it on the heads of those who were attacked by evil spirits, It would immediately leave the body.

Fine Jewelry with Diamond Ring

Diamonds, one of the gemstones that are believed to protect against bad things as well. The Romans believed it to be to prevent bad things from attacking at night. Whether it's a devil, ghost, spirit, or even a beast. The Romans used to wear diamond jewelry on their left side of their bodies. Moreover, diamonds are also believed to bring wealth and power to the wearer.

Gold Ruby Jewelry

The last one, let's come to faith in the east. Chinese people, from the ancient imperial era to the present also believed in astrology about gemstone protection. They believed that ruby would protect the wearer from evil and superstition. In addition, red is the color of fortune for the Chinese people.

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