Let's embrace this summer season with our hottest set of Gemondo jewelry!

Sunlight and hot weather are telling us that the season of summer has started. Summer is all about having fun dressing up to enjoy the sun and looking fabulous!

While the temperature is rising in the air, even if it may not be such a lovely weather for some of you. But this is the most favorite season for fashion and jewelry. A perfect time for you to get some jewelry items to mix and match with your look.

Hello summer ladies!! Today Gemondo is so proud to represent our jewelry. Jewelry that will make you feel like “No matter how hot the temperature is, you will be way hotter!”.

With Modern Pearl collection, an outstanding and timeless pearls that come with a contemporary designed and good meaning of colorful gems.


Gemondo Modern Diamond Necklace
Let’s say hi to first piece of the list which is, a gorgeous pendant necklace features with pearl and vibrant gems. Pearls symbolize purity, eternally and gorgeousness. Emerald is believed as the stone of hope, love and gentleness.


Gemondo Modern Pearl Rings
Move to a chic and contemporary pearl ring, featuring with colorful gems. Great match to level up your confident for every looks. For more info click

Ending with one of the brightest and playful collection. Rainbow gems collection inspired by the rainbow that can be seen in summer, colorful and dreaming.

They are decorated with tourmaline, citrine, tsavorite, peridot, topaz and amethyst set on necklace and open-ring, the symbol of endless happiness.

Do not let this hot weather stop you from being the hottest version of yourself! Get ready to enjoy your summer with Gemondo and have a great summer time ladies!

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