Jewelry Care

Keeping your jewelery looking at its best at all times needn't be a difficult or expensive task. Here's a few simple tips to follow to preserve your gemstone jewelery's lustre and brilliance.


Avoid rubbing against metal or solids.

Scratches will make the jewelry looks dull and not shiny. However, the jewelry can be polished and plated again, but marks that are too deep will not completely disappear.


Take off your jewelry before washing your hands and taking a shower.

To prevent the jewelry from a soap. Avoid wearing it while washing your hands and taking a shower, and it can also reduce scarring.


Avoid exposure to cosmetics, perfumes or chemicals.

Try to steer clear of such products when you are wearing your jewelery or have it on display. Some gemstones are sensitive to acidic properties in cleaning products, perfumes, sprays and more. For example, malachite will only need to be buffed with a clean cloth rather than using an ammonia-based soap solution like you may with a diamond. Metal may also become damaged or discoloured with exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.


Clean your jewelry.

Clean your jewelry with a gentle brush with a warm solution and dish detergent. Always ensure you use a gentle, soft bristled brush. Make it dry and and store in a jewelry box or a pouch.

For a pearl jewelry, clean it with mild soapy water. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or detergents, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth and store in a jewelry box or a pouch.


Try a jewelery cleaning cloth.

More often than not a quick buff with a jewelery cleaning cloth will remove metal tarnishes and keep gemstones looking glossy.


Everything in its place.

Store your jewelery in its original display box or in a jewelery box and keep it in a safe place.