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A Closer Look at Gemondo's Exquisite Zodiac Jewelry
10K Turquoise Pendant

Celestial Charm

Discover the Magic of Gemondo's Zodiac Collection

Illuminate your style with our Zodiac Collection

Step into the celestial tapestry of our Zodiac Collection, where each jewelry piece is meticulously crafted in lustrous 10K gold – a testament to the enduring elegance that accompanies your cosmic journey. Our collection not only encapsulates the essence of your zodiac sign through intricately designed symbols but also incorporates the personalized touch of birthstones. Picture a constellation of gemstones, aligning with the month of your birth, adding a bespoke and sparkling charm to each creation.

Delve into the allure of our Zodiac Collection, where each piece is not just a piece of jewelry but a wearable work of art. The zodiac symbol designs, etched with precision, amplify the uniqueness of each sign, creating a harmonious blend of celestial aesthetics and personalized expression. From dainty necklaces that delicately capture the spirit of your star sign to bold rings that showcase the strength of the cosmos, our collection invites you to wear your stars in gold, adorned with birthstones that speak to your individuality. Embrace the celestial narrative with our Zodiac Collection, where metal meets magic, and the stars align with style.

What's Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries individuals, born in April, are associated with the enduring and brilliant Diamond. This gemstone symbolizes strength, purity, and clarity, echoing the bold and dynamic nature of Aries.

10K Diamond Pendant
13 APR - 13 MAY

Taurus individuals born in May are linked with the lush and vibrant Emerald. This gemstone represents rebirth, love, and wisdom, reflecting the grounded and sensual nature of Taurus.

10K Emerald Pendant
14 MAY - 13 JUN

Geminis born in June have the choice of the classic Pearl, symbolizing purity and wisdom, or the luminous Mother of Pearl, associated with emotional balance. These gems align with Gemini's curiosity and adaptability.

10K Pearl Pendant
14 JUN - 14 JUL

Cancer individuals born in July are adorned with the regal Ruby. This gemstone symbolizes passion, protection, and prosperity, reflecting the nurturing and intuitive nature of Cancer.

10K Ruby Pendant
15 JUL - 16 AUG

Leos born in August are connected to the lively Peridot. This gemstone represents strength, vitality, and positive energy, aligning with the confident and creative nature of Leo.

10K Peridot Penant
17 AUG - 16 SEP

Virgos born in September shine with the royal Sapphire. This gemstone symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and nobility, reflecting the detail-oriented and practical nature of Virgo.

10K Blue Sapphire Pendant
17 SEP - 16 OCT

Libras born in October embrace the enchanting Opal. This gemstone represents love, passion, and creativity, aligning with Libra's charming and fair-minded nature.

10K Pearl Pendant
17 OCT - 15 NOV

Scorpios born in November have the option of the vibrant Topaz, symbolizing strength and protection, or the deep blue Lapis Lazuli, associated with wisdom and truth. These gems resonate with Scorpio's intense and resilient nature.

10K Songea Sapphire Pendant
16 NOV - 15 DEC

Sagittarians born in December are adorned with the captivating Turquoise. This gemstone symbolizes wisdom, protection, and positive energy, reflecting the adventurous and optimistic nature of Sagittarius.

10K Turquoise Pendant
16 DEC - 13 JAN

A celestial celebration just for you!

The Gemondo Zodiac Collection features dainty pieces in celebration of all twelve star signs. Each piece is decorated with a birthstone to reflect the month of the wearer. Mix and match charms and chains from this beautiful gemstone jewelry range.

Express yourself with the Gemondo Zodiac Collection. Discover a range of dainty birthstone pendant charms and statement zodiac rings designed to match your unique personality. From passionate Capricorns to sophisticated Sagittarius, find your sign and wear it with you in the most beautiful way.

10K Turquoise Pendant
10K Diamond Pendant