Making Jewelry


Gemondo was established in 2006, an English Jewelry brand selling natural gemstone jewelry. In 2015, Gemondo was first known on a famous TV shopping channel in Thailand, which is still gaining good feedback at present. So today, we are proudly presenting a variety of gemstone jewelry that would match with any style you are looking for. Check out now on our official website

Our commitment to you

Trust: Gemondo builds up the brand by building up the trust with customers that all of the products are authentic which come with guarantee certificates, a lifetime warranty and every piece of gemstones is inspected with high technology by experts. We work with connoisseur productions who are globally recognized. In order to build up the trust on the best quality of our products. Moreover, in terms of the design we only work with well-experienced exclusive designers.

Price: As part of the work environment, working with everyone from miners to makers is part of every day for us. These close ties and unique positioning allow us an advantage to provide excellent value with the best quality in each piece of jewelry. Because we do understand that buying jewelry is not only for gifting but also it will be a precious value that will last for you in the future.

Design: We understand lifestyle and we know that each of us have it all in our own way. Just as each gemstone is unique in its formation, so are you. We harness the beauty of real gemstones and craft them into wearable expressions of individuality.

Sustainability: We strive to work responsibly with all communities where we source our raw materials. All materials are sourced from vendors who are members of the Certified Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). The environmental conditions and social wellbeing of the communities that we work with are critically important to us, by focusing on the issues it allows us to not only create sustainable livelihoods within the community but also strengthen our overall supply chain and value to our customers. We do not accept the unethical acquisition of raw materials such as blood diamonds or the use of slavery and child labor. Gemondo does not accept those items. More information can be found at Responsible Sourcing
Gemondo is owned by Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, which is part of United Nation Global Compact since 2002. As well as being part of the sustainability development of UN Sustainable Development Goals